Kidz Trackpant 0.2

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Trackpantz are handmade and every piece is totally unique. These super funky pants designed by Amsterdam designer Blazinbell have an ultra comfortable fit and vibe that makes people want to dance, travel, be active, be creative and simply enjoy life. Some people live in these pants :)

Trackpantz have a strong but flexible elastic band around waist and ankles. Sizes are based on normal body posture, bigger size recommended for more full posture. *Note: every item is totally unique, so when you order them, we will make them in your chosen color combination, but the exact outcome is always a surprise :) If you have specific color wishes you can order these pants and use the contact page to let us know!

Because we handmake these pants after you order, it could take us up to max 14 days  to send it to you, thanx for your understanding :)